Saturday, July 31, 2010

gettin' wiggy with it

whether you are fulfilling the mitzvah (commandment) of a married woman covering her head and hair, or whether you just need the katie holmes bob, tori wigs is the latest trend in sheiteling (yiddish for "wigging").  with its set-up like a store/salon, you have tons of wigs to choose from and then get styled on the spot!  and the best part is, you don't have to purchase your wig until after you are completely satisfied with the cut.  if you don't like the cut, you are not obligated to buy it.  i have never heard of any other place with this policy so take advantage kallahs (brides in hebrew).  if you are lucky enough to get an appointment with rivi (one of the owners) you will be tempted to come home with more than one new look.

the last date

so you are hoping your next date will be your last so you can walk down the aisle and marry your bashert (jewish term loosely translated as soulmate), but you just need a little more advice to get you there.  well lucky for you the dating bible of all bibles was recently published by the famous chana levitan in jerusalem. i only want to get married once will not only get you married once, but it will get you married. period.  if you follow her steps you may find yourself under the chuppah (wedding canopy) sooner than you think!

will you bridesmaid me?

asking your dearest friends to be your bridesmaids is your way of introducing them to your new friendship.  your friendship will change once you are married and devoting much of your time to your husband, but your friendships will be everlasting.  so when asking your friends to be your bridesmaid, give them something to save and cherish, but also make sure it screams you.  here is an example of a bridesmaid card: you can use your wedding colors, print a meaningful letter or poem, decorate and mail.  many similar styles can be found at

shalom. bonjour. aloha.

if you are a "jew" and an "ess" then welcome to my blog.  sometimes my posts will be "jew"ish, and others will be, "ess"ish, and some will be "jewess", encompassing our total beauty and style. enjoy and be in touch.  

miss jewess  


Pronunciation: \ˈjü-əs\
Function: noun
a Jewish girl or woman