Monday, October 25, 2010

unhappy halloween

costumes and candy can be very tempting, but before you trick or treat, think about the history of this hollow eve. also know as "all saints day," historically, jews were murdered and brutalized on halloween as part of the celebration.   originally a pagan holiday, but also absorbed into many churches (as much of paganism has), jews were an easy target to torture since we were (and are) non believers and therfore considered evil.  afraid you will miss out on the fun?  no worries! just wait a few months until purim when we celebrate the miracle of the jews in persia being saved from a death degree.  a holiday of both meaning and masquerade, trust me that your year will not be shortchanged!  

Friday, October 15, 2010

home seat home

if you're an avid entertainer you may be thinking about adding new chairs to your lair.  it's time to trash your clutsy folding frames and find a more suitable touch for your tush.  go casual and contemporary or glam chic with decorators' latest love.   meet the pouf.  conceived in morocco, these cozy cushiony pieces are both whimsical and practical. made of leather and hand stitched, they are available in tons of colors and sizes. bring a punch of color to your space or go metallic and make it a statement seat. for the real deal (with a real price) check out looking for the same look for less? the famed nate berkus is now offering the metallic pouf in both silver a gold on  so get your dinner party invites out and your new poufs in. your guests' bottoms will thank you!  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in the trenches

if you haven't already fallen for your fall staples, get going! and what better way to start than with the classic trench. always chic and always in style, it's my number one must have this fall.  whether you want a timeless khaki or an eye popping fire engine red, be sure to choose a hue that is you. don't go too trendy or your coat will end up a one season wonder.  my favorite pick: h&m's neutral colored ruffle trench.  with a mini ruffle adorning some of the seams, it's classic with a touch of class.  and for under $60, burberry beware!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

be dazzled

the rumors are true! the original bedazzler is back and i don't know how long they will be available this lifetime around. so stop spending on those embellished tops and studded berets and start bedazzling (again).  i know you know how it works and what to do. so start gathering up all your gap t's and neon puff paint and have a slumber party. rock your 80's studs with your 50's thrifties and you'll be sure to be the coolest jewess. (available at

Monday, October 4, 2010

think pink

october marks breast cancer awareness month.  there are so many ways you can wear to care!  whether you're donning your handmade pink ribbon or ralph lauren's cashmere pink pony, don't forget that pink is the link.  looking to add a little sparkle to your statement? vera wang's collection at kohl's includes a shimmering hot pink pin whose five dollar pay goes straight to the race.  help kiss goodbye to breast cancer with avon's lips for life tote (only five dollar available at will you be walking for a cure? don't forget your reebok pink ribbon sneakers (available at ready to go luxe and donate more than a few bucks? ralph lauren's limited edition pink alligator bag will make a high end difference (with a price tagged at $16,995). so whether you pin, pucker, or lace up for the cause, wear more than a wink of this precious pink!