Tuesday, November 30, 2010

burn baby burn

the festival of lights flares wednesday evening so get your chanukiah (chanukah candelabra) ready for eight nights of escalating illumination.  whether you go contemporary and sleek with nambe's chic metal "illume menorah" (available at bloomingdales.com) or cute and crafty with a homemade creation, be sure your chanukiah is kosher.  just follow these steps and you'll be ready to strike your match: your chanukiah should have eight branches for the chanukah candles (and an optional ninth branch for the shamash which is a candle used to kindle the other candles), the main eight branches of your chanukiah should all be the same height and in a straight line, there should be enough distance between the candles so each individual flame is visible, and if you have a shamash, it should stand out so it's clearly not one of the main eight candles.  ready to glow? place the candles in their candelabra from right to left, and light the candles from left to right, one candle the first night, two the second night, three the third night, etc., for eight nights.  don't forget the blessings and be sure to light by a window to publicize the miracle. happy chanukah!

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