Thursday, September 2, 2010

honey smackers

we all want luscious soft lips and have tried almost every product to get there.  look no further.  burt's bees lip shimmer softens and heals chapped lips and also gives you that pouty voluminous look.  don't be afraid of the shimmer! it's actually very subtle and gives your lips more depth.  they come in a variety of colors ranging from rhubarb to papaya.  if lip color isn't your thing, stick with the champagne - it's almost colorless and highlights your natural look  (my personal fave).  no more hiding under those glosses that mask the problem (and sometimes make it worse) - this time heal your lips and wear them at the same time.  burt's bees shimmer is natural, not tested on animals, and is packaged in recycled plastic (yay).  the shimmer is also made with beeswax so keep those bees busy! (available at

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