Wednesday, September 29, 2010

please don't go

just when you thought sukkot week was coming to its close, the celebration continues! tonight marks the start of shmnini atzeret (literally meaning eighth day of assembly). G-d added this day to the holidays because he wants us to be close to him just a little longer.  this is a day for us to focus on celebrating and enjoying our personal relationship with our creator.  shmini atzeret is followed by simchat torah when we celebrate endings and beginnings.  on this day, we finish reading the final words of the torah (divided into portions and read every week in synagogue) and also begin reading the torah from the start. this day of intense happiness and celebration is filled with dancing, singing and parties to honor our torah. in jewish communities, streets are often closed so we can dance in the street and celebrate with verve. so hold onto the holidays as long as you can and before the sun sets on friday evening, escort the holiday season out with a bang and welcome in shabbat with your holiday high!

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