Friday, September 3, 2010

to life, to life

we've seen the gefilte fish, the matzoh ball soup, maybe some brisket, but there is one course, traditional at many shabbat tables, you may not be used to (yet). i'm talking about the l'chaim course of course.  there is a custom to have a separation between eating fish and meat, so alcohol is sometimes used to cleanse the palette of the fish. we don't eat fish and meat together because of a source in the talmud explaining its spiritual dangers. the talmud is a combination of the mishnah (parts of judaism's oral law that was passed down from G-d to moses and to the jews at mount sinai) and the gemara (books of discussions on the mishnah as well as other writings).  in many homes this "l'chaim" is more than a sip.  so take out your bar tools and start stirring and shaking. don't have bar tools?  z gallerie boasts its exclusive glamourous black and white striped cabana bar set (available at with all the posh tools necessary to create your house special in style. l'chaim!    

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