Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new year's resolution: get married

you've dated everyone on jdate, gone to the matzoh ball annually, and may have even dated all your mom's friend's cousin's neighbors.  somehow, you may still be single!  don't worry, you are not alone and comedic actress/jewish dating advocate, michelle slonim, is doing something about it.  founder of the "date my jewish friend party," michelle has started the jewciest trend in jewish dating and it is spreading.  so here's how it goes: each guest must bring a friend of the opposite sex and "pimp each other out," says michelle. no more coming alone to singles events or huddling in the corner with your girlfriends.  now everyone has a wingman to introduce each other around more naturally.  the party has become so popular, the "date my jewish friend play" is in the works.  the next event, the sukkot sizzle, is scheduled for september 28th in new york.  for more information about upcoming events, or to start a party of your own, check out www.datemyjewishfriendplay.com.  your new year's prayers may have been answered!

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  1. If anyone outside of New York wants help throwing a date my friend party feel free to hit me up and I'll happily give you insight!