Thursday, August 26, 2010

dazzle your doorway

what if i told you that you could take a mitzvah and make it sparkle (literally!). now you can with designer devora libin's handcrafted mezuzah cases available at decorate you doorway with her swarovski crystal embellished mezuzah cases encrusted with gorgeous patterns and prints.  check out "the katz meow" with a leopard pattern made with over 800 crystals and an amethyst colored hebrew letter shin. these beautiful mezuzahs will surely bring the light of the mitzvah into your home.  just don't forget to buy and insert the klaf (the actual mezuzah parchment inscribed with specific verses from the torah). you need a kosher klaf on every doorpost (minus the bathroom) to fulfill the mitzvah of mezuzah (available at most judaica stores).  so be sure to get a mezuzah for every doorway - we don't want any to be jealous!  

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