Wednesday, August 4, 2010

three spoons full of sugar

you thought a spoon would suffice. well then you haven't tried three tablespoons, the bakery that is not only kosher, but healthy too.  calling themselves the "smart baking company" is just a sprinkle of what you need to know.  their goodies are actually baked with ingredients that are good for your body and your soul (because they are kosher, duh). all the products are vegan and allergy-friendly (no eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, and wheat) and they have many gluten-free options too.  so stop pretending it's your birthday and go buy yourself some green tea chocolate chip cookie dough! check out their website for local retailers.

1 comment:

  1. yum, yum and yum. I am going to swing by the frozen aisle next time I'm in the store. And, if they don't have them, I'm bringing the handy "Store Request Letter" which was so conveniently found on the site!