Friday, August 27, 2010

l'objet of my affection

i know these just look like glamourous salt shakers, but these have been elevated both physically and spiritually.  adorned with platinum and semi precious stones, l'objet's handmade objects have been transformed into lavish tableware.   when used on shabbat, they are sanctified even higher, into holy vessels containing the salt that is customarily eaten with our challah.  why salt?  salt was offered in the temple with every sacrifice so we want to keep this tradition shaking. it is used because it never spoils, which is symbolic of our eternal relationship with G-d.  It also enhances the taste of our food, just as we want to enhance our relationship with G-d.   so the next time you eat salt with your bread, think about your relationship with G-d, enhance it, and beautify l'objet with l'objet.

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