Monday, August 9, 2010

illuminating elul

the jewish month of elul begins tonight.  this month, the 30 days before rosh hashana, is our time to prepare.  it's our time to reflect, repent, forgive, learn, return, and live with good intention.  when rosh hashana, the day of judgement, arrives, we are not being judged simply for that day, but for who we are, and for who we became this year.  the month of elul is an opportune time to think about how we want to be judged and to live accordingly.  have we been gossiping lately, have we blown up at a sibling, have we been lighting shabbat candles?  think about the mitzvot (commandments) and whether or not we could be doing a little better.  don't overwhelm yourself or try to be perfect, just try a little.  remember, G-d doesn't only look at where we are, but very importantly, what direction we are growing.  G-d wants us to be close to Him, and He wants to be close to us.  He is on our side and loves us. so use elul as a time to check that your baby steps are going towards your father.