Sunday, August 1, 2010

the holiday for women

jewish women have their own holiday each and every month.  the start of each hebrew month is called rosh chodesh (meaning, in hebrew, head of the month).  rosh chodesh was actually the first commandment G-d gave to the jewish people.  but why is it a holiday for women?  women did not sin in the sin of the golden calf (when moses went up mount sinai to receive the torah from G-d, the jewish people miscalculated the day which he was supposed to descend and assumed had died so the men made a golden calf to be their g-d.) women are more internal and intuitive than men and they didn't lose hope even though everything around them was falling apart. they didn't lose faith and knew that moshe would return with G-d's torah for the jewish people. they were obviously right! as a reward, every rosh chodesh, every month, is considered a holiday for women.  so check your jewish calenders online for each new month (i recommend and have a girls night and celebrate yourselves!

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