Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wedding wednesday: something blue

i know it isn't a jewess tradition to have something blue on your wedding day, but blue has significance in judaism too.  signifying purity, depth, and divinity (to name a few), having the right blue item may actually enhance your day. the folks at feldheim publishers have come out with a baby blue book of psalms (poems written by king david), that are customarily recited by a jewess bride on her wedding day (available at brides should also say prayers of forgiveness because the wedding day is a rebirth. we pray for forgiveness for all our sins, and we are forgiven and start fresh as a new complete unit with our husband.  when we walk down the aisle and circle our future husband, G-d is with us, and he is close.  take this time to pray strong and hard for yourself, your husband, your marriage, your future children, and all that is important to you.  prayer is one of the most important elements of our wedding day so do it with love, speak your heart out to G-d, and use a prayer book that makes you feel bridal, to separate this day and these prayers from all others.  

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