Sunday, August 1, 2010

it's sunday

do you know what you are doing next shabbat?  whether you are new to the whole shabbat thing, or you have done it for years, has something for you.  this website sets you up with host families for shabbat, whether meals or the entire experience. so check out a new family, a new neighborhood, a new country.  even if you have done it all, could even lead you to your next shidduch (yiddish for match, as in your next date).  singles are using the site to meet other singles through the site and through meals.  meeting new host families is also a great way to get set up with singles you may not have met otherwise.  good shabbos!

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  1. Thanks for posting!! May you have much success in disseminating your wisdom to all the Jewish people!


    Benzion Klatzko /