Monday, August 30, 2010

pump it up

i know you've been holding on to your ballet flats for years, but it's time to rise to new heights.  the heels should be going up, and in a big way.  take a few inches at a time and add a small platform if you're a little wobbly.  if you are new at this, go for the classic peep toed pump for fall.  if you're ready to flaunt those feet, i recommend newport news's new silver leather metallic clogs (available at the studs around the perimeter make this classic look more contemporary. and with grey being the "it" color this fall, these are the perfect pair.  when dressing, it is a mitzvah to put the right shoe on first.  the book of leviticus (the third book of the torah) has a number of phrases giving preference to the right side of the body. there is also kabbalistic significance to the right side symbolizing chesed (giving). so start your day off on the right foot!  

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