Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wear your essence

there is a jewish concept that your hebrew name, given to you shortly after your birth, is your essence and has divine inspiration.  if you have a hebrew name, learn more about it, what it means, and who and what it represents. you may come to better understand yourself and your traits.  if you were never given a hebrew name, don't worry, you still have an essence.  just meet with your local rabbi and together you can choose a name and and make it official (contact us if you need help finding a rabbi).  once you better understand who you are, you may feel like wearing yourself on your sleeve, or in this case, on your heart. Sima Gilady designs sterling silver disks hand stamped with your hebrew name.  each necklace can also be adorned with a bead or crystal to give it that femine "ess" touch.  necklaces can be purchased at simagilady.com.  wear your name proud.  

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