Tuesday, August 10, 2010

here's the skinny

everyone wants perfect skin, but who knows what products to use.  it just so happens that the best skin products i have tried are made by sabon, a company that was started by a couple in the backyard of their farming town in israel.  using natural herbs, flowers, oils, and properties from the dead sea, the products make your skin glow.  with all the tantalizing choices, let me help you get started.  for the body, you must try the patchouli lavender vanilla shower oil.  the smell alone will make you melt (i'm not kidding).  this combo of shower gel and essential oils will cleanse your body but also give you the moisture we don't always apply (don't worry it goes on smooth but not greasy).  looking for something to keep your face fresh, clean, and young? the seaweed cleanser is your pick, especially if you are a makeup wearer or sometimes get breakouts.  the seaweed (which is high in vitamin a) also helps prevent wrinkles.  for those of us not living in israel, there is no longer a need to stock up your suitcase with these delicious delicacies. sabon products are available in the states too so visit  http://sabonnyc.com/, or find your local retailer (sabon currently has stores in new york, boston and chicago).  i would tell you that the products make great gifts, but once you buy them it's hard to let them go (i haven't been able to)!

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