Monday, August 16, 2010

wrapped in teri

the more precious and valuable something is, the more we safeguard, cover and protect it, right? think about it. do you keep your fine jewelry lying around the house, or is it resting in a velvet lined jewelry box? what about your synagogue's torah scrolls? i bet they are covered with embroidered velvet, gold crowns, adorned with jewels and placed behind an elaborate satin or velvet curtain. now think about how we protect our most precious gift, our bodies. we are more valuable than any jewel, yet we don't always treat ourselves that way. the next time you are buying clothes, think about wrapping yourself up more modestly and also more beautifully (all jewish women are queens)! need help? teri jon often has modest high fashion pieces in her line. for a fall fabulous gown check out her slogan says it all: "a woman's body is a gift and teri jon is the wrapping."

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